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PGR will investigate alleged fraud in Banamex

Javier Laynez, Tax Attorney of the Federation, said that the crime be checked imprisonment for those responsible, regardless of the administrative fine to the institution.

Attorney Prosecutor of the Federation, Javier Laynez reported that the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) will attract the investigation of alleged fraud discovered $ 15 million into a subsidiary of reebok running shoe. The official said that checked unlawful acts will be jail for personnel involved in the bank, regardless of the administrative penalty imposed by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). “It is up to the PGR open investigations that apply under the provisions that are applicable

“Laynez said at a news conference. He noted that since last October 2 financial authorities were informed by Banamex for the audit that Citigroup had made ​​one of the subsidiaries of the bank and which potential was detected certain unlawful acts.”

There is talk of fraud and use of intercepted information related to telecommunications,” he said. In application of the provisions of the law, said Laynez of coordinated Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and CNBV knowledge made ​​these facts from the 6 and October 7 the Public Ministry of the Federation. Citi reported Tuesday that an external investigation had uncovered a fraud of $ 15 million in the firm that provides security services to Banamex. President of the CNBV, Jaime Gonzalez Aguadé, clarified that no such subsidiary provides financial services to the general public.

Also, Antonio Mohamed’s main objective superlíder America finished the regular season as the Apertura 2014; however, regretted that the first position in the table no longer benefit him a lot during the playoffs, only to have the second leg. Even the Turkish noted that the criterion of away goals is no longer necessary for you to gain the reebok running shoes men to remove it, as happened last fall when Leo began to Cruz Azul.”They should get the away goal, at least that would be more just, out for the first four have the possibility of a draw pass to the semifinal for he who is in eighth and does not beat the one above does not have the right to move forward, that’s what I think. “You already know that the rules are so, my opinion is that it is not fair to those who end up because it is no use for a level playing field, it seems very unfair because the away goal rewards still much that is down, because it has the second away game, it really makes me very unfair to those who end up

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Choosing Black Oakley Sunglasses

There is nothing that illustrates an attitude like a pair of sunglasses. With so many styles, colors and brands on the market, the particular type of sunglasses you wear can completely change not only your look but the impression you give. A specific pair of sunglasses can give an impression of a specific kind of character or personality without any other signs of that persona. Black Oakley sunglasses portray a range of images depending on the individual style and of course, the individual look of the person wearing them.

No matter which brand of sunglasses you choose to wear, or what style they are, it is always important to buy a quality pair. For every high quality brand of glasses out there, there are many more cheap knock-offs and low quality brands. Buying a low quality pair of glasses will in fact end up costing the consumer far more than a higher quality. No matter how cheap the price, if you have to replace them every couple of months because they keep falling apart, they will end up costing much more than the more expensive pair that would have lasted a life-time.

127 - Oakley Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an investment, and it is wise to look at them that way. If you choose a pair that are high quality and that suit not only the shape of your face, but your personality and the image you are wanting to convey to others, they will be well worth the investment. Many people who wear black Oakley sunglasses find that not only do they look great, but they also do an excellent job of protecting the eyes.

This is another consideration when comparing the prices of sunglasses. The quality and look are what we notice most when thinking of sunglasses, but of course, the most important function they provide is protecting our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. No matter how cool they may look, sunglasses need to also be effective in doing what they have been designed to do. It is important to consider this when researching the various styles and brands of sunglasses available on the market.

It is best to spend some time researching each brand before making a decision. Make a list of all of the brands and styles you think you might be interested in, for example gas can oakleys. Then, go through each brand, and do a little online research into the quality and reliability of their sunglasses. You can do this by putting the name of the brand in a search engine along with a word like “quality” and having a look at the results.

This will bring up all of the posts on social media and forums by people who have bought those sunglasses before and have shared their experience with the quality of the glasses with others. This will give you an idea of how good the quality is and how reliable they are. You can do this with any aspect of the glasses.

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